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in Perpignan

In 1970, Salvador Dali proclaimed it to be the centre of the universe, declaring, ‘the city prevented Spain from becoming an island during continental drift.'

An eccentric idea, which fashioned the legend of a city which is not lacking in tourist attractions.

To the very south of France, on the border with Spain, between the Mediterranean Sea and the peaks of the Pyrenees, Perpignan enjoys an exceptional setting and geographical location, as well as an enviable quality of life, find here a glimpseof our beautiful city.

Major tourist sites:

Make the most of your stay in our hotel to discover the unmissable tourist sites in Perpignan and its region:

The Quai Vauban: wander along the quay and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city. Admire the city’s different squares: Arago, Castillet, Victoire.
Le Castillet: it is THE symbol of the city of Perpignan! Situated in the heart of the city, this brick structure dating from 1368 is very popular with tourists.
It houses the Museum of the History of North Catalonia. Get ready to climb the 142 steps leading to the top!
The Palace of the Kings of Majorca: this beautiful palace from the 13th century is a must-see during your stay.

Cultural tourism:

Quench your thirst for culture with the different museums present in the city: The Museum of Natural History, the Aviation Museum, the Hyacinte Rigaud Museum of the Beaux-Arts, the Maison de la Catalanite.

Some monuments to visit and discover: the Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral, the Couvent des Minimes, the Saint-Jacques Church, Campo Santo and the Funeraria Chapel.


Perpignan is a dynamic and exuberant city, with event programmes throughout the year.
The International Festival of Vinyl and Comic Books: every year, this festival thrills lovers of music and comic books with a rich and varied programme.

Jazzèbre Festival: Perpignan resonates to the rhythm of jazz and world music over more than 3 weeks.
The Trobades Médiévales: Leap into the past at this traditional festival, with its diverse entertainment and especially the grand parade which stirs the city and returns it to its lustre of bygone days.

Fine food:

Taste the region's fruits and vegetables, such as the violet artichoke, the Toulouges onion, the Roussillon red apricot or the Roussillon peach.
Try out, in one of the city’s restaurants, the different regional dishes: La Bullinada (a Catalan dish made up of an assortment of cooked fish in a potato soup), Catalan tuna or the Boles de Picolat (a meat dish with spices and olives).

Sport and leisure:

Enjoy the Mediterranean coast and its sandy and pebble beaches. Relax!

Would you prefer not to rest and do nothing and instead look for thrills? Devote yourself to numerous water sports such as kite-surfing, windsurfing or water-skiing.

Perpignan is also a dynamic city at night, with a multitude of restaurants, bars and nightclubs which welcome you for a night of entertainment and partying.

The mountains aren’t far away!Do you need to recharge your batteries?The mountains and their fresh, invigorating air are only around 50 kilometres from the hotel.